Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit with Santa

Last week we visited Santa at Sony. It was a fun trip with lots of excitement from the girls. Both talked about seeing Santa and telling him what they wanted. Lillie said she just wanted to stand by him for her picture and that is okay with me. I am not going to force her to sit on his lap, I just wanted the picture together. As you see below she did wonderful!

Then there is Gracie. She was excited to see him and waited so great in line. She kept looking up to where he was standing and telling us to look. She seemed like she would do really good this year. And earlier she told me that she was going to stand by him too. Well, as soon as she came around the corner and was next to go, she changed her mind. She grabbed Alex's leg and started crying. Since I am such a good mom, while Lillie was getting her picture, I pried her off Alex and held her close to Santa for a picture. The photographer looked at me with a "what do you want me to do" look, and I said just take the picture, I do not mind if she is crying in it. Thus we have a Santa stare-down. It is too cute and hard to keep from smiling at it.

Don't worry she did not mind and talked for the rest of the evening about getting to see Santa. Here is another picture from later in the evening of the girls eating cookies at the party. As you can see there seems to be no long term affect of the trauma she endured earlier. :)

My scanner wasn't cooperating with me, and that is why the pictures of Santa came out with a shine. Sorry.

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