Saturday, March 28, 2009


As I have previously posted, Alex and I compete with NCAA Brackets. I have won since the start of the competition (3 years running) and after the first two rounds was sure that I was going to lose this year, but my how things change so very quickly. We had the same teams for all the sweet sixteen except for two. This year Alex wanted to change the point values for each round and wouldn't you know that my two teams won and now we are currently tied. This does cause a bittersweet moment because from here on out to the championship, we have the same teams and thus have to pick scores to determine the overall winner. I am glad I have a chance to win, but I hate to have to pick scores. UGH!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Week Update

It's been several days and I thought I would update you on my week. We had Lillie's friend Josiah all day Monday while his mom went to a couple of appointments. They had a lot of fun from playing play dough to playing with Tallie outside. They got to help Alex fix the fence (Tallie had found a board that she could break and was running the neighborhood when we got home Sunday night). At one point Lillie asked Josiah if he would marry her and he nonchalantly replied " No, let's play racetrack." Lillie was unfazed by getting shot down for cars though. Here is a picture of the kids playing outside with Tallie.

Gracie was extremely clingy Tuesday and Wednesday. She is just having a hard time with getting her two year molars and wants mom to hold her all the time. We didn't go to church Wednesday partly due to me not wanting to be in the nursery or hallway with Gracie the whole night. But Lillie was sure to make me feel bad as she said "But Mom, I really wanted to go to church tonight." We did play church that night and she had a lot of fun.

Thursday was Gracie's first day of preschool. Actually, I was the helper and she came with me this time. I have been promising her that she could come and each time something would come up and she would not get to. She loved every minute of it. She did some of the activities and made a new friend. She also became quite attached to Ms. Bobbi (the teacher). Lillie on the other hand was a bit cranky. She had woke up too early and didn't go back to sleep. While putting Gracie down for a nap, I looked over and found Lillie on the ottoman fast asleep that afternoon. I moved her to her bed and when she got up sh was upset that I messed her bed up. She has been making it all by herself this week and is really proud of it. So am I!

Here is a picture of Gracie I took the other day. I was working on the computer and looked over to see her opening Alex's accounting book and then putting on his glasses. It was adorable.

Today I woke up a bit under the weather, but needed to go to the store. The girls were very good and had to wear their bracelets and bring their bunnies (thanks Gma & Gpa). I am hoping for a nice quiet evening tonight.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new morning footsteps

This morning I heard new footsteps coming thru our kitchen to our bedroom. It was Gracie's padded pajama feet coming to get momma up. This is first time since the new bed she has come to my room, but I'm not complaining it was 7:30am!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another new bed

As I have posted before, we changed Lillie into a full size bed a few weeks ago and she is doing great. This weekend Gracie was moved into a toddler bed. I realize that while yes she is a toddler, she is still my baby and this too a big step. I hadn't planned on changing her crib into a toddler bed yet (I still rock her to sleep and was going to wait until I she was going to sleep by herself), but she was climbing in and trying to climb out of bed. I must have gone in her room a few dozen times this week to find her in her bed. I moved any chairs and step stools away from her bed, but she would get herself up on the rail and then fling her body the rest of the way in. It was cute to watch, but a bit scary if she would of flung the wrong way. She loves her new bed and that she can get in and out of it by herself.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leaf Jumping

We took the girls out for a little bit this week and have had a great time. Alex raked some leaves from under our bushes and Lillie thought it would make a good pile to jump in. Now, as some you know, I have had my share this week of piles : ) so I let the girls have their fun too. There were just a small pile of leaves, but Lillie would rake it up and jump again and again. Gracie joined in the fun, but she would rather just run thru them. I took a couple videos of them jumping, but am not having much luck in loading them. We are trying to enjoy as much of this nice weather as we can. I am looking forward to a little closer to their birthdays buying the girls a swing set.

This is a picture of Tallie peeking under the fence at us jumping in leaves. We would have loved to go out back and play with her, but as soon as Alex opened the door, he was swarmed by a couple of wasps. After last falls experience with wasps (Lillie was attacked by a nest) we thought we better wait until Alex could spray the nest. Don't worry about her though, we had to buy her a birthday present for this weekend. Tallie officially turns one on Saturday and she is in need of a couple of new toys, since she has chewed her others to pieces.

Alex and I have filled out our brackets for March Madness and I am looking forward to beating him again! I am not bragging (pride cometh before a fall), but since we started making the brackets out for competition, I have beat him 3 out of 3 times. But it has always been close.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend tea parties and crafts

Alex and I finally our date night last night. We went out to eat and then did some shopping. Most of the shopping was for the girls, but that is just about more fun than shopping for myself. We found some great deals. (Crystal - we saved $40 and some change just in coupons!) The girls had a great time with Gma and Gpa - who brought them Pinocchio and bought them McDonald's. Lillie planned and set up a tea party for when they got here. Her and Gracie had on some really fancy dresses and Lillie helped make blueberry muffins and place settings for Gma, Gpa and Uncle Ryan. She even wanted me to do her hair. The girls were adorable getting all of it ready.

I should have enough quilting stuff to keep me busy for the next several weeks (or months depending on how much free time I end up with). I am excited though. I had ordered some quilt blocks from eBay a few months back and have them sewn together, but hadn't had a chance to get backing, trim or batting. I should know have all the material I need (although I not completely sure that I have enough backing) to finish that. Plus I bought material to make a baby quilt for a good friend. I also have a pattern and material for a dress that I am going to make for Lillie. Hopefully, the dress will turn out-I have never made a dress before!

Well, I am getting antsy writing about my quilting stuff and am going to get started. Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day of rest

Today is going to be my day of relaxation. I spent Monday and Tuesday engulfed by laundry and the Wednesday and Thursday preparing my house for a child-free girl's game night. I had a great time fellowshipping with some other moms. We had good munchies and played a couple of fun games. I have to admit it was very nice to not be interrupted several times by a little one who needs can't find that one special toy. Also, with no children (or men) the cleanup was a breeze thus the only room that needs to be straightened up today is my room.

I took some really cute pictures of Gracie yesterday, but because I am not into posting half dressed little ones on line you will have to take my word for it! I walked over to the bathroom because Gracie had to take herself potty (doesn't always want Momma's help) and she was sitting on the potty chair reading a book out loud. It was really adorable.

Have a great weekend! I plan on it since we have rescheduled our date night for tomorrow. Yay!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick update

We are healthy again! Gacie seems to be feeling much better and Lillie is staying strong and hasn't gotten sick. Praise God!

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Back!

UUGGHH!!! I do not get it. I have Chloroxed almost every inch of my house, yet the ear infections are back. I know that doctors will tell you that ear infections are not contagious, but I strongly disagree! After being up with Gracie all night, I took her to the doctor just to confirm my suspicions - a double ear infection. Please agree with me in prayer that Lillie will not get anything. I am pretty exhausted after 2 previous weeks of ear infections and a week of the stomach bug and am not sure how much more I am able to take. I hope all of your families are staying healthy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have you squeezed your Toilet Paper Lately?

Gracie decided to give us a demonstration on just how soft our toilet paper really is. I turned around from getting the table cleared to see her laying all over a pack of toilet paper. It must be fairly comfy since she stayed there for 15 minutes!
This is the puzzle Lillie talked Daddy into buying several months back. She finally talked us into helping her work it. Although the whole time she would go "I don't know why Daddy let me buy such a hard puzzle."

Now on to my nephew's wrestling match or should I say the crowd there. The problem with today's youth - loud mouthed parents. I have no problem cheering on the children, but belittling the official and his calls is not appropriate. These parents called the official names and rudely questioned every call and match and had very poor sportsman-like behavior. This was a middle school wrestling match! It is no wonder that today's teens have no respect for authority - their parent's aren't teaching them. It actually saddened my heart to think that their children aren't hearing "good move" or "great match" while they play (Yes, I did say play!)- all the child hears is "you suck ref" - "what kind of call is that" - and so on including profane names. Aren't we to be living examples to our children? There is more to life than winning a 3 minute middle school wrestling match.
My nephew did win his individual match! Yay, Matthew!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The newest commandment

I want to thank Amanda for teaching Lillie all the commandments a couple of weeks ago at church. She has been telling me some of them and has been pretty much on track until today. Lillie had just thrown piece of paper away and Gracie decided she wanted to take it back out (Yes, I know gross). Lillie says, "Remember what the ten commandments say - Don't take things out of the trash because it is dirty." I had to smile and she asked me if that was right. I did tell her that although taking things out of the trash was dirty, it was not one of the ten commandments. She cracks me up.

Quick tid bit on the health of our family - good!