Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The newest commandment

I want to thank Amanda for teaching Lillie all the commandments a couple of weeks ago at church. She has been telling me some of them and has been pretty much on track until today. Lillie had just thrown piece of paper away and Gracie decided she wanted to take it back out (Yes, I know gross). Lillie says, "Remember what the ten commandments say - Don't take things out of the trash because it is dirty." I had to smile and she asked me if that was right. I did tell her that although taking things out of the trash was dirty, it was not one of the ten commandments. She cracks me up.

Quick tid bit on the health of our family - good!


  1. LOL!!!!!! Sooo funny! I just love Lillie! You have such adorable little girls!

  2. LOL! That is great!! I love to hear kids talk; especially when their thoughts about what they have learned comes out.
    You are blessed with two wonderful little girls!