Friday, March 27, 2009

Week Update

It's been several days and I thought I would update you on my week. We had Lillie's friend Josiah all day Monday while his mom went to a couple of appointments. They had a lot of fun from playing play dough to playing with Tallie outside. They got to help Alex fix the fence (Tallie had found a board that she could break and was running the neighborhood when we got home Sunday night). At one point Lillie asked Josiah if he would marry her and he nonchalantly replied " No, let's play racetrack." Lillie was unfazed by getting shot down for cars though. Here is a picture of the kids playing outside with Tallie.

Gracie was extremely clingy Tuesday and Wednesday. She is just having a hard time with getting her two year molars and wants mom to hold her all the time. We didn't go to church Wednesday partly due to me not wanting to be in the nursery or hallway with Gracie the whole night. But Lillie was sure to make me feel bad as she said "But Mom, I really wanted to go to church tonight." We did play church that night and she had a lot of fun.

Thursday was Gracie's first day of preschool. Actually, I was the helper and she came with me this time. I have been promising her that she could come and each time something would come up and she would not get to. She loved every minute of it. She did some of the activities and made a new friend. She also became quite attached to Ms. Bobbi (the teacher). Lillie on the other hand was a bit cranky. She had woke up too early and didn't go back to sleep. While putting Gracie down for a nap, I looked over and found Lillie on the ottoman fast asleep that afternoon. I moved her to her bed and when she got up sh was upset that I messed her bed up. She has been making it all by herself this week and is really proud of it. So am I!

Here is a picture of Gracie I took the other day. I was working on the computer and looked over to see her opening Alex's accounting book and then putting on his glasses. It was adorable.

Today I woke up a bit under the weather, but needed to go to the store. The girls were very good and had to wear their bracelets and bring their bunnies (thanks Gma & Gpa). I am hoping for a nice quiet evening tonight.

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  1. Aw, I love the picture of Lillie sleeping! :)