Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Lillie Thought

Lillie came to realization today.

While putting lights up outside she goes, "Mom, when Jesus was born he didn't have any clothes on."

I answered, "that's right - no one is born with clothes on."

She then thinks for a couple of minutes and goes, "Oh, I think I might have known that." :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful List

"I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High" Psalm 7:17

I thought I would post a list of some things (or people) I am thankful for.

~ My Lord Jesus, who without there would not be much of a list. He took me out of the miry clay and He set my foot on the rock to stay.

~ Alex-my husband who works hard to allow me to stay home and raise our babies and takes such good care of me. I love you!

~ My beautiful girls. They make me smile, laugh, and just plain happy. They love me no matter how dorky I act. :)

~ The rest of my family. I love that the Lord blessed me with christian parents who have taught from early on the importance of Christ in my life. My siblings - we may not always see eye to eye, but I love them and know that they will always be there for me. And the rest of the crew, I love them all, even the crazies (which is the category that I am afraid I may fall into)

~ My friends. I love all of you and am so blessed that God has surrounded me with a wonderful bunch of women. Thank you for being my friends!

~ My house and car. I like playing in cardboard boxes with my girls, but don't care to live in one! ;)

~ My church and pastor. I love my Pastor and his family. I am so blessed to be part of a church with a pastor that doesn't just talk the talk, but goes to the street and walks it.

~ Peanut Buster Parfaits. Need I say more. :o)

~ Internet. It may seem silly, but there are several friends from my past that I have been able to reconnect with thru facebook, blogger and email.

I hope has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble,Gobble!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am pretty tired this morning. Gracie for some reason didn't sleep well over the weekend, meaning I didn't either. She did sleep good last night.

Then last night Lillie decided that she didn't want to wear a goodnight. She will stay dry all night on occasion, but is a fairly heavy sleeper and just doesn't wake up if she needs to go, so I am all about the goodnights. However I know that she thinks she is wearing a diaper and only babies wear diapers. I decided that if she thought she was ready then we will give it a try and didn't let her drink anything after supper. Then made sure she went potty several times up to bedtime.

Around 4am I heard little footsteps and then heard, "Mommy, I'm wet." I had already laid out extra sheets, blankets and pajamas just in case so it didn't take long for the switch-a-roo plus we had a mattress pad on the bed to protect the mattress. I just couldn't get back to sleep.

I am just wondering what suggestions my online friends have for getting past this or convincing her that goodnights are not diapers.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finished Projects

Well, I have completed one of my projects. I finished Gracie's room yesterday. I was a little worried that all the polk-a-dots would overwhelm the room, but I think that it turned out pretty good. The curtains and bedskirt I had made previously also look good in the room. I also ordered a new toy bin organizer. Gracie had two baskets overflowing with toys and when she wanted a certain toy ALL of the toys were dumped out to get to it. The new bins make it easier to organize and get to all her toys. It also helps it look neater in her room. Overall I am really pleased at the outcome. Here are a few pictures.

Alex promised Lillie that after I finished painting that we would get down the Christmas stuff. She could hardly wait and definitely showed a lot of patience. :) So after dinner we took everything down and put up the tree. By that time it was after bedtime so we decided to decorate it this morning. The first thing Lillie says when she walked into my room was: Let's decorate the Christmas tree. Then Gracie who was sleeping (at least I thought she was) whispers: met too. We got up, ate breakfast and started decorating. It was a lot of fun and tree is very decorated, well, at least the bottom half. :) Here are a couple fun pictures of the girls.

Previously I posted about Gracie sleeping w/Baby Jesus. This morning she put him back and looks at me and tells me: "I put him back and tonight I sleep with his mommy. Tomorrow I sleep with his daddy and then I sleep with the angel." =) Too cute!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Away in the manger

We took out our Christmas stuff this evening after dinner. We only set up the tree and plan on decorating it tomorrow. However I let the girls take the Little People Nativity Set out. They loved it. Gracie carried baby Jesus around so tenderly and loving all evening. I wish I could of taken a picture of it because of how sweet it was. When it was bedtime she ran over to the table and said, "I sleep with baby Jesus." How can you argue with a that? I said yes, but that she had to put him back in the morning.

Fast Forward - Gracie is playing, not sleeping with baby Jesus. Mommy says, "Gracie, if you don't go to sleep, I am going to take Jesus away from you."

What kind of mom takes Jesus away? =)

PS. She did go to sleep shortly there after.

Monday, November 16, 2009

70's Night

So, after my last post you could tell I was a little upset that my baby is growing up. And although that is still true, I am accepting it. :) It is a wonderful thing and I do love watching her changing into a little girl.

Lillie's favorite song right now is Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting. She wants my to play the 70's CD all the time. Her and Gracie will start out dancing in some kung fu manner and they will have me rolling by the end. I need to get a video of this. Alex broke out the strobe light last week and Lillie thinks that is sooo cool. She put on sparkly dress up clothes and danced the night away. Gracie liked it as well, but did not get in to it as much as Lillie. I took a video but it is hard to watch with the light going.

I have started working on Gracie's room. My goal was to have it finished by the end of the weekend, but that didn't happen. My stencil I made just didn't cut it, so I ended up tracing circles on the wall and then painting by hand. I still have two more walls. Hopeful that they will get done on Alex's next days off. I think that it looks pretty neat. I will post a picture of the finished room hopefully next week. The girls kept coming in and telling me that the polk-a-dots look good Momma. They are too sweet.

Have a good Monday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sad Mommy Moment

I know you all are probably tired of the paci chronicles, but I am going to post once more my paci travels. This is currently one week without the paci!!!! It is really nice to not have to deal with it. However nap is becoming an issue. The first few times were fine and she cried but only temporarily and not too hard. The past two days she cried hard and Sunday for almost an hour after all of that she ended up not napping and being a grouch the rest of the day. Today she cried only about ten minutes, but still it is, as Lillie would say, frustrating. Bedtime, she is not crying, but talking me to death. Bless her heart she has so much to say at night and now with no plug she is free to speak. :) Although I am thankful that her talking usually doesn't involve asking for a paci.

What makes all of this even harder for me is she is growing up. Gracie is pretty much potty trained and now paci free. Since the disappearance of the paci came a new found desire - not to be rocked at bedtime. A sign that she is not a "baby" anymore. Boohoo, boohoo.

I am just whining today, but I miss my little one and our cuddle time at bedtime.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Several Updates

Just thought I would update you on the no paci situation. It is going GREAT. She has only asked for it a couple of times and when I reply that we had to give them to the cashier for your new baby she is not necessarily OK with it, but is satisfied with the answer. Last night she slept all night without. It has now been over 48 hours and we are definitely not going back.

Now for other updates - Gracie is so independent. She refuses to let me help her get dressed or even comb her hair. When we are just staying home I let her "do it her way" and boy is it cute. :) When we go to church she has begun to tell me that she can walk by herself. Her exact words are "I can walk by myself, 'member?!?" and the other day she added "I not lying!" I am a little sad because of how fast she seems to be growing up. She is now pretty much potty trained and now she doesn't have her paci. She tries so hard to keep up with Lillie too and do all that Lillie does. It is hard to believe that I just brought her home from the hospital two yrs ago.

Just this week I was watching Lillie and realizing how much and fast she has grown up. She has pretty much lost her baby look and has begun looking like a little girl. She has also started talking back. Argh! She has something to say after me almost every time and I am ready to pull my hair out. Please someone with older children tell me that this is a phase that will disappear really really soon!!!!!! :o/ She is a good big sister though. She teaches Gracie lots of different things, but most important to me is the Bible lessons she gives her. They may not always be correct, but are cute to listen to none the less.

I haven't updated on our new addition recently and thought I would let you know that it is completely finished and we are moved in and using it daily. The walls are pretty bare, but eventually we will get those filled up. My next goal is to get Gracie's room painted and finished. Hopefully we will be able to do that within the next couple of weeks. I will try and post pictures of the new room finished with furniture next time.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girls and Dolls

Well, today I took Gracie to the store and let her pick out a new doll that would only cost 2 pacifiers. She picked out a Strawberry Shortcake doll that came with stickers, makeup wand, and hair clippees. It was on sale and I paid just a fraction of the original cost. I was thinking about how sweet it was that she picked out that doll because Lillie had picked out a Dancing Strawberry doll when she got rid of her last pacifier at about the same age. :) She has asked once about her paci and I just said remember we had to buy your doll with the paci and she seemed okay with that.

Lillie informed me on the way there that it wouldn't be very fair to buy Gracie a present and not her. I explained that Gracie didn't get anything when she gave hers up and then with four yr old logic she goes, " Well, that probably wasn't very fair to Gracie." How can you argue with that?? So I folded and let her pick out a small toy that didn't cost very much.

Yesterday we held a playdate with Miss Ellie. The girls had so much fun. They played Barbies, dress-up, held a tea party luncheon, and played with balloons. I did learn how much different a two yr playdate is verses a four yr old playdate. Both are fun, but one takes a little more planning. Here are some pictures from the morning.
Sorry it is so dark, I don't know why it turned out that way. All three are smiling and laughing.

Gracie and Ellie playing Barbies while dressed up as fairy princesses. =)