Thursday, November 5, 2009

Several Updates

Just thought I would update you on the no paci situation. It is going GREAT. She has only asked for it a couple of times and when I reply that we had to give them to the cashier for your new baby she is not necessarily OK with it, but is satisfied with the answer. Last night she slept all night without. It has now been over 48 hours and we are definitely not going back.

Now for other updates - Gracie is so independent. She refuses to let me help her get dressed or even comb her hair. When we are just staying home I let her "do it her way" and boy is it cute. :) When we go to church she has begun to tell me that she can walk by herself. Her exact words are "I can walk by myself, 'member?!?" and the other day she added "I not lying!" I am a little sad because of how fast she seems to be growing up. She is now pretty much potty trained and now she doesn't have her paci. She tries so hard to keep up with Lillie too and do all that Lillie does. It is hard to believe that I just brought her home from the hospital two yrs ago.

Just this week I was watching Lillie and realizing how much and fast she has grown up. She has pretty much lost her baby look and has begun looking like a little girl. She has also started talking back. Argh! She has something to say after me almost every time and I am ready to pull my hair out. Please someone with older children tell me that this is a phase that will disappear really really soon!!!!!! :o/ She is a good big sister though. She teaches Gracie lots of different things, but most important to me is the Bible lessons she gives her. They may not always be correct, but are cute to listen to none the less.

I haven't updated on our new addition recently and thought I would let you know that it is completely finished and we are moved in and using it daily. The walls are pretty bare, but eventually we will get those filled up. My next goal is to get Gracie's room painted and finished. Hopefully we will be able to do that within the next couple of weeks. I will try and post pictures of the new room finished with furniture next time.

Have a great day.

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  1. Yay for Gracie! We never had to deal with the pacifier issue as both boys rejected them, but Aidan still sucks his thumb when he's do you get rid of a thumb?? Oh, well I'm sure it will pass eventually. I know exactly what you mean about the talking back. Aidan's been doing it..maybe it's the age?? I don't know. He just gets time-out from us when he does it and we try talk to him about how it would feel if someone else treated him that way. I think I stopped talking back to my parents when I started college... Time does pass quickly! It seems like yesterday that I ran into you at Little Italy and we we're telling each other our pregnancy news!