Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girls and Dolls

Well, today I took Gracie to the store and let her pick out a new doll that would only cost 2 pacifiers. She picked out a Strawberry Shortcake doll that came with stickers, makeup wand, and hair clippees. It was on sale and I paid just a fraction of the original cost. I was thinking about how sweet it was that she picked out that doll because Lillie had picked out a Dancing Strawberry doll when she got rid of her last pacifier at about the same age. :) She has asked once about her paci and I just said remember we had to buy your doll with the paci and she seemed okay with that.

Lillie informed me on the way there that it wouldn't be very fair to buy Gracie a present and not her. I explained that Gracie didn't get anything when she gave hers up and then with four yr old logic she goes, " Well, that probably wasn't very fair to Gracie." How can you argue with that?? So I folded and let her pick out a small toy that didn't cost very much.

Yesterday we held a playdate with Miss Ellie. The girls had so much fun. They played Barbies, dress-up, held a tea party luncheon, and played with balloons. I did learn how much different a two yr playdate is verses a four yr old playdate. Both are fun, but one takes a little more planning. Here are some pictures from the morning.
Sorry it is so dark, I don't know why it turned out that way. All three are smiling and laughing.

Gracie and Ellie playing Barbies while dressed up as fairy princesses. =)

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