Monday, November 9, 2009

Sad Mommy Moment

I know you all are probably tired of the paci chronicles, but I am going to post once more my paci travels. This is currently one week without the paci!!!! It is really nice to not have to deal with it. However nap is becoming an issue. The first few times were fine and she cried but only temporarily and not too hard. The past two days she cried hard and Sunday for almost an hour after all of that she ended up not napping and being a grouch the rest of the day. Today she cried only about ten minutes, but still it is, as Lillie would say, frustrating. Bedtime, she is not crying, but talking me to death. Bless her heart she has so much to say at night and now with no plug she is free to speak. :) Although I am thankful that her talking usually doesn't involve asking for a paci.

What makes all of this even harder for me is she is growing up. Gracie is pretty much potty trained and now paci free. Since the disappearance of the paci came a new found desire - not to be rocked at bedtime. A sign that she is not a "baby" anymore. Boohoo, boohoo.

I am just whining today, but I miss my little one and our cuddle time at bedtime.


  1. need another one! No, just kidding. They do grow up fast! Don't you wish time could stand still?

  2. I sooo understand! Ellie has been learning the art of back talking this week and it saddens me so much! I'm proud of Gracie for giving up her paci though! That is awesome!