Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jesus Live in my Heart

While I was taking a shower, Lillie and Gracie were on my bed playing school. Now when they play school,they always have to bring their Bibles. Today the conversation I heard was:

Lillie: Gracie do you have Jesus in your heart?
Gracie: Yes
Lillie whispers: You are supposed to say No
Gracie: No
Lillie: Then you need to ask Jesus to live in your heart.
Gracie yells: Jesus live in my heart!!
Lillie : Now you have Jesus in your heart.

I could hardly keep from smiling and tearing up. I am so blessed. Lillie went on to tell about the story of the Good Shepherd who left the 99 to look for the 1 lost sheep. Thank you Lord for children who already know how important they are to Jesus.

Monday, September 28, 2009


We are now finished with our addition except for the brick and guttering outside. The inside will need a few paint touch-ups, but is ready for the furniture. This may become the hardest decision as to where everything will go, but I am sure we will move it around over the next several weeks. =) Here are a couple of pictures of the inside finished without furniture.

This is the new rug we purchased for the room. We also have a smaller version at the entry way. Sorry it is so dark - I am not known for good photography skills! :)

This is the new fan we got this weekend. We bought the fan, blinds and flooring separately and saved over $500!!!

I will post outside pictures after the brick is finished.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleeping babies

Lillie spent the afternoon playing with her friend Josiah at his house. She was so exhausted when she got home that she nodded off for a cat nap almost immediately. I just happened to look at the chair and catch her trying hard to stay awake, but losing the battle. So being the good mom I am, I snapped several pictures of her fighting it until she finally gave in.
Just starting the battle.

She just won't let go of the balloons that Josiah gave her.

She is almost out.

She is trying really hard to open her eyes......

But just couldn't do it. :)

Now if this wasn't sweet enough, Gracie had set up her and Lillie's Disney playmats and characters. During this she would talk (almost nonstop) to Lillie, when she realized that she never got answered she comes to me angry and tells on her. "Sissy, is not talking to me!" I told her she was sleeping, and she goes "I don't want her to sleep - I missed her!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painting in Progress

Well, we got to start painting today. Actually we started last night. All the walls have been primed (thanks to my sister-in-law Annnette) and the wall in our current room and one wall of the addition have been painted. We decided to carry the color of our living room now (an eggshell/sandy color) into our addition. With curved corners on the entrance way it was going to be hard to get a clean line between the walls. The other three walls will be rusty leaves (I'll post pictures of the colors later).
The girls had to take part in the painting and were adorable doing so. We allowed them to help paint the first coat of primer.

We also decided to splurge with light fixture. ;)

I'll post pictures of the finished paint job in the next day or two.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Addition Update and Barbie clothes

The end is getting near. The contractor said he is looking to be completely finished (inside and out) in another 2 weeks. Yay!!! The windows that they had to order will be here at nine tomorrow morning and that will help the look a lot. I am a bit disappointed because I had hoped to be able to start painting this evening, but it is not ready (I guess that is the Lord's way of saying I shouldn't miss church). I am still crossing my fingers that it we can start painting tomorrow evening. I don't want to spend the weekend painting! With the completion of the painting, the floor will get started on come Monday.

Lillie has been asking for some new Barbie clothes, but I just can't bring myself to buy clothes for a doll. I don't really know how much they run, but no matter what the cost it just doesn't seem worth it to me. SSSSOOOO.......I am making my own! I have made a very simple dress in no time flat. I will post pictures of my work soon, but I want to get a couple more done to show. I just used extra fabric that I have, which Alex would love for me to get rid of, but I am such a pack rat. You never know when that square will come in handy. :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Will we remember?

Lillie asked me today if we would remember things from "down here when we are in heaven?" A question that kept me thinking all day.

So many times we do something that the world may think is important, but looking from eternity doesn't matter. In dealing with the stubbornness or strong will of my children I do find that asking questions such as "Is it going to matter tomorrow, next week, year, or eternity that they wear that or do that?"(as long as safe) This seems to put things into perspective. But maybe that should be a question we ask more often.

While yes, I do think we may remember good memories from earth, I don't think we will remember keeping the house spotless, having the best kept yard, dressing in the newest clothes, etc. But we will remember the people who made that soul changing impression on us or who we made a soul changing impression on (including your children).

Now when a little voice is asking for your attention, ask which memory you want them to remember: Mommy/Daddy spending time with them or you telling them you are too busy to play. Dirty dishes/laundry, Internet or whatever is keeping you from making lasting memories will still be here tomorrow.

1John 2:15 Do not love the world or the things of the world.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Addition update

Our addition is coming along quite nicely and quickly. The window in Gracie's room has been switched to the outside wall and we now have a entrance way to the room in our house. It is, of course, covered in plastic and a baby gate is helping to block the little ones out. We will be able to paint it by the the mid to end of next week. I have taken the border off half of Gracie's room and as soon as the addition in painted, will be doing the painting in there as well.
The Entrance way from the rest of the house:

One view of the room from the entrance.

Potty Update

We are currently using just panties for Gracie during the day at our house. WOO HOO! This is going great. She is taking herself and has had no accidents for several days. She even tells me to leave the room when she has to go. :)

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another project finished!

As I posted earlier with the curtains, I had enough material I thought to make a bed skirt to match. Weellll - I did. I took today to do a little sewing and this is my completed project. I also have a little material left that I might be able to whip up something else to match, just not sure of what yet (the material is a too heavy for a pillowcase). The bedding does not match, but that is just a little fix later with change of sheets. The bumper pad will stay up a bit longer as it keeps in her paci's during the night! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dancing and more

I have been trying to catch Lillie doing her "dance routines" for a few days, but usually if she sees me - she runs. I was finally able to catch a couple of minutes of her getting down to a little Creedance Clearwater Revival. She almost always has a mean or angry face when dancing - I have no idea why - and definitely gets her skills from momma. Some parts may be a bit boring, but there is a hilarious finale. Enjoy! :]

Added bonus: Lillie comes running to tell on Gracie: Gracie is washing her hat and water is everywhere. I hurry, because playing in the sink is a new favorite, yet messy, thing to do. I expect water on the sink, floor and maybe a little on her, but this is what I discovered!

She was soaking wet from her head down and a good size puddle on the step stool she was using.

How could I get mad at such an adorable girl!?! And it is laundry day. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Promised Pictures

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. Lillie was very cooperative. Gracie was a riot. She would look and then grin real big, but turn her head at the last minute. We still got a lot of good photos and some really funny ones. My favorite is the multi-image fall picture. It is of them lying in leaves, their little feet, and them walking down a trail. I would have to to scan that one in and am too lazy to do that so you will just have to trust me on how cute it is! :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Picture Day

Today was the much anticipated picture day. I am way off on the timeline as this is for their 2 and 4 year old pictures (bdays in May).

It started off on a sour note. After scouring the stores yesterday for the perfect outfits, we got up this morning to find that the bad mom I am didn't try on the shirts. Lillie's fit fine, but Gracie's was HUGE! So we sped thru getting ready and rushed back to Kohls to find another matching outfit. Our appt was at 10 am and we were ready by 8:45 - a record setting time at our house. I found another outfit that matched since they didn't another tunic a size smaller with the assistance of a sales person.

We made it to our appt at 9:45. Although the picture people did a good job, I was not really impressed with the price. I usually can go to Penney's for $75 or less and have more than enough pictures, but we tried somewhere new. Everyone said they do a good job and the prices beat out anyone else. We ended up spending almost $30 more although we did receive a complimentary CD of the whole session so we can print out more picts at home. I will post some of pictures later as I am on the laptop outside watching the girls play and the CD is inside.