Saturday, July 21, 2012

New School Year

Wow - it has been a while since I last blogged, hasn't it???


The girls and I have begun our 2012/2013 school year this past week. The first day was picture-perfect and left me thinking how great this year would be!! bahahahahaha!

Lillie is mostly reviewing last year's information, so she is able to go thru her work with just a little guidance. She is enjoying our change to Abeka. The books are more colorful, and seem to integrate more 'fun' activities into the learning process. However, starting cursive has been a cause for many a tear shed. All the curves and loops were just too much for her and after a talk with my mom (a 2nd grade teacher who has taught cursive many years) I am switching her to Handwriting Without Tears. It is cursive, without all the fancy curves and loops. Hopefully, it will hold true to its title. :)

Gracie has begun kindergarten. She enjoys the little songs that teach the sounds (we have done short 'i' and 'u' so far) and asks to sing them throughout the day. I love that!! Math started out a little slow, so I am letting her go at her own pace. She already knows her numbers by sight, colors and counting - so what they have me teaching her was boring for her. When we get to a new lesson, then we will slow down the pace. She is also going to start cursive (abeka prefers to start from the beginning) and can write the 'i' from this weeks lessons. I will probably switch her to Handwriting Without Tears as well.

Going from teaching one to two school is definitely not as easy as I had anticipated. We will be making some changes and working out the kinks along the way. I am looking forward to this new challenge though!