Saturday, August 27, 2011

A laboring discussion....

Friday was much better. We were just having an off day, which I know will happen every once in awhile. ;0)

Now on to a lighter conversation with Lillie.

Last night we went to outpouring service at our church ( and on the way Alex and I were talking about Labor Day weekend. He said that Sony was taking volunteers to work that Monday and since we really don't have big plans that weekend, he might.

Lillie must have been listening, but not to all of it, because she got really excited and asks...."we are going to have another baby??!!"

Laughing I said, "No, why did you think that?"

Lillie, slightly disappointed, "Well, you said Labor and I thought that means a baby is coming. I also really want to be a big sister again."

I told her that there is no more babies planned in our house.

LOL - she is really in the baby zone though because she also got really excited about a baby shower today, until she realized it wasn't for the person she thought. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Daze....

Well, after posting how smooth school was going, I have to share that today feels like a total flop. :(

I can't seem to get the girls to concentrate. Any little noise is a distraction and it is getting a little frustrating to say the least, so we are taking a short break to collect ourselves, eat lunch and then we will finish school. Ok, really just mom needs the break before I pull my hair out.....I hope I am not the only one with days like seriously, I need to know, do you have days like this too???

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Week of School

We have officially been back to school for a week. Lillie started 1st grade and Gracie pre-K. We are still going thru Christian Liberty with Lillie, but I am trying a little different approach to our days.

After reading several homeschooling blogs, I decided to start using workboxes. I bought this set of craft boxes that are well suited for our classroom use for 50% off at .

There 20 drawers, 10 for each girl. They have a different subject or activity in each drawer. I use the top two for their school supplies. I love that they know when they finish their boxes, school is over. So far, I am having no, "Are we almost done??" questions. I also feel much more organized than last year.

Gracie has begun using some printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I really like her curriculum, but am finding that a lot of it is not hard enough for her. So it looks like I will be searching for more to add to it. She is so eager to learn and wants no "fluff" activities that I give her-lol.

Well, that is probably enough for now. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Growing' up is hard to do

Lillie lost her 2nd tooth after church tonight!! This time it was because she was wiggling it and it just popped out. The tooth has been ready to come out for 2 days. It is tucked in her tooth pillow awaiting the tooth fairy's arrival.

As soon as it came out, she started crying. Today has been emotional for her, but I just didn't understand why she was crying because she said it didn't hurt.

On the way home from church, I asked her about her tears. Her reply was simple and totally understandable

"I am crying because losing a tooth means you are growing up and I'm not ready to grow up."

I smiled and told her that growing up was something everyone did, but that it also comes with new things that are fun and exciting.

But deep down I wanted to cry......................I am not ready for my little girl to grow up either :(