Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Tooth

Last night was an important night for Lillie.......she lost her first tooth!!

She was eating a snack at drama practice (popcorn) and all of a suddenly noticed the hole in her mouth. Although many searched for it, including in the chewed up parts she spit out, it could not be found. We realize that means it was swallowed, but all she thought was that it was lost adn no tooth means no tooth fairy surprise.

After about an hour of being upset, she finally believed that the tooth fairy would find it and take good care of it. We wrote a note and stuck it in her tooth pillow and when she got up this morning, there was another note from the "tooth fairy" and some money. :)

She is excited now, and is finding all sorts of things to fill that hole. She has another tooth that is loose..........