Saturday, July 21, 2012

New School Year

Wow - it has been a while since I last blogged, hasn't it???


The girls and I have begun our 2012/2013 school year this past week. The first day was picture-perfect and left me thinking how great this year would be!! bahahahahaha!

Lillie is mostly reviewing last year's information, so she is able to go thru her work with just a little guidance. She is enjoying our change to Abeka. The books are more colorful, and seem to integrate more 'fun' activities into the learning process. However, starting cursive has been a cause for many a tear shed. All the curves and loops were just too much for her and after a talk with my mom (a 2nd grade teacher who has taught cursive many years) I am switching her to Handwriting Without Tears. It is cursive, without all the fancy curves and loops. Hopefully, it will hold true to its title. :)

Gracie has begun kindergarten. She enjoys the little songs that teach the sounds (we have done short 'i' and 'u' so far) and asks to sing them throughout the day. I love that!! Math started out a little slow, so I am letting her go at her own pace. She already knows her numbers by sight, colors and counting - so what they have me teaching her was boring for her. When we get to a new lesson, then we will slow down the pace. She is also going to start cursive (abeka prefers to start from the beginning) and can write the 'i' from this weeks lessons. I will probably switch her to Handwriting Without Tears as well.

Going from teaching one to two school is definitely not as easy as I had anticipated. We will be making some changes and working out the kinks along the way. I am looking forward to this new challenge though!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last weekend I attended a homeschool conference with a friend. I had a blast and came home feeling refreshed and full of new ideas and concepts to try at my house.

I ordered my curriculum for next year (for both girls - is it really possible for me to have two girls school-age?). {SIGH}

I purchase a couple of devotions for my girls and I know it has only been a few days, but I love them. They start with a scripture on the topic, then a story, then application questions (2), a prayer, and an activity. I love the questions because I get to see LIllie's heart when she answers them. I told her there is no wrong answer to them and then let her do that part on her own - I just sneak a peak at her answers ;0). The devotions are God and Me 2 from Legacy Press. I picked the age range 2-5 for Gracie and 6-9 for Lillie. If they continue to do well with them, I will look into picking up the God and Me 1 and 3.

My favorite speakers from the conference were Ricka and Marilyn BOyer. They homeschooled all 14 of their children and has gone thru many trials as a result. They started in 1980 and had to go to court and even threatened that they would lose her children over homeschooling. Marilyn developed a character study for her children and shared them with the public now. I choose one that covers 12 charactor traits (geared for ages 6-9) and am looking forward to starting them. She has studies for all age ranges including preschool and high school. I would totally recommend them to others, even if you don't homeschool, they are a great addition to your family devotion time. You can find info at their website The Learning Parent

Hope you are having a nice start to your spring!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Sick Days = 1 Spring Break

Sickness has decided to up a room in our house the past week. It was an un-welcomed guest that stayed too long.

I started running a fever Sunday afternoon, but figured it would be better by the next day - it wasn't. But instead of taking it easy (which we moms know we can't) I did some laundry, dishes and some random cleaning. So, to make a long story short, I ended up on an antibiotic. Gracie soon followed. The poor thing just can't stay away from her momma no matter how many times I asked to her to.

Gracie struggled with a high fever for awhile and that was the hardest part for me. One night, she hardly slept, and when she did would wake up hallucinating due to her fever. She thought that there were bugs on her arms, that she wasn't in my bed but not sure where she was and a couple others that I couldn't understand. She made it thru the night and I could tell she felt better because I couldn't keep her still. She is now running around like her normal self.

Last night she coughed and coughed while trying to sleep. I went in to check on her and our conversation went as follows:

Me - You will be better by morning.

Gracie - I don't want to be dead by morning.

Me - Not dead, better!

Gracie - O-oh, that is good.


Due to all the sickness, I decided to call it spring break. The weather was beautiful, but unfortunately we did not get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. But we are all pretty much healthy and I am looking forward to enjoying some of this nice weather now.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tid Bit

It's been a couple of weeks and not much has changed. School is going pretty good, although there is a bit of a February slump.

I am excited to maybe start some new curriculum from A Beka this coming fall. The books are a lot more colorful and attention getting. We have already been using A Beka math and science and those are Lillie's favorite subjects. Of course, we will be adding kindergarten for Gracie this fall as well. I can hardly believe she is big enough to start school. (give me a second to dry my eyes)
I also am looking into some year round school schedules. Don't get too worried thinking all we would do is school. ;0) Most are broke up into 6-8 weeks of school then like 1 week off. There would still be a few weeks off between school years. I am still looking into it, but I really like how it seems to keep the burn out low for the kids.

Gracie has begun speech therapy at ISU's Rowe Center. Although I am pretty much on the same page as her and understand her, there are certain sounds that she switches (such as 'd' and 'g') making it hard for someone not around her 24/7 to understand. She loves her "college" friend, Carson and she also teases Lillie that she goes to college already.

Until next time - God Bless!

Friday, January 20, 2012


I was listening in as Lillie was "teaching" Gracie and her lesson was on salvation. Here is the lesson that my 6 yr old taught with a piece of yarn:


This piece of yarn is like your life, and each time you sin a knot forms (she proceeds to tie several knots). But when you ask God to forgive you and live in your heart ALL those knots disappear.

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taken For Grant It

I have been reading the gospels and thinking about the disciples here lately. Here is a group of men who know Jesus first hand, yet miracle after miracle they stand and question who he is!?!?! For example: in Matthew, when he calmed the sea of Galilee and the disciples asked each other who is this man who even the wind and waves obey Him? I read and then picture Jesus rolling His eyes and sighing. I think what a bunch of doofus'. But then the Lord spoke to me.

You see I was raised in church and know the power of the Lord. That sometimes leads to a state of contentment. Contentment means being satisfied with one's situation/possession/position, so basically being happy where you are at. A state that I believe most Christians will struggle with at some point in their walk.

The disciples were sitting, eating, living with the Son of God and were not content. Yes, they knew who He was, but Jesus was not taken for grant it by His devoted followers. They didn't act entitled or expect Jesus to perform for them. They didn't watch a cripple man get up and walk and act like it was just another day.

I think about how many times I have witnessed the power of God, just to walk away and act like it was just another day. You see, I don't want to be content, EVER, in my walk with the Lord. I never want to take for grant it His power and blessings which he bestows on me for no reason other than He loves me!! I pray that I never stop getting excited about Jesus, that I never get content with my relationship with the Lord. I want to feel butterflies each time I think about His love. I want to walk closer each day with the one who gave me life, the one who loves me for who I am, the one who sent His only Son to die that I may have eternal life.

You see, He is my first love!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!!!!!!!

I know I am late, but better late than never, right?!?! ;0)

I haven't really set any goals yet this year. There are things I want to accomplish, but so far making resolutions have done little but discourage me due to the past failure to follow thru. I think my focus is going to be maintaining my focus. I tend to start something then get distracted. So if I start something, I WILL finish it (in a timely fashion)!!! Of course, Pinterest doesn't help with the list of what I want to do!!

I have so far accomplished hanging one large frame, which normally would have set out for several more weeks waiting for me to do it, and purchasing 2 sets of shadow boxes and hanging them as well. WooHoo!! LOL