Monday, February 13, 2012

Tid Bit

It's been a couple of weeks and not much has changed. School is going pretty good, although there is a bit of a February slump.

I am excited to maybe start some new curriculum from A Beka this coming fall. The books are a lot more colorful and attention getting. We have already been using A Beka math and science and those are Lillie's favorite subjects. Of course, we will be adding kindergarten for Gracie this fall as well. I can hardly believe she is big enough to start school. (give me a second to dry my eyes)
I also am looking into some year round school schedules. Don't get too worried thinking all we would do is school. ;0) Most are broke up into 6-8 weeks of school then like 1 week off. There would still be a few weeks off between school years. I am still looking into it, but I really like how it seems to keep the burn out low for the kids.

Gracie has begun speech therapy at ISU's Rowe Center. Although I am pretty much on the same page as her and understand her, there are certain sounds that she switches (such as 'd' and 'g') making it hard for someone not around her 24/7 to understand. She loves her "college" friend, Carson and she also teases Lillie that she goes to college already.

Until next time - God Bless!


  1. I LOVE the Rowe Center! I was a Speech Pathology major at ISU, and I was lucky enough to observe many sessions and the professional staff at ISU is very knowledgeable! We're also doing a modified year-round schedule mostly because we switched curriculum mid-year so I want us to finish it out. Plus, Emma lost so much over summer break last year, so I want to keep things fresh in her mind over the summer. :)

    1. I actually went to speech therapy at Gracie's age at ISU. It is a great program!! :)