Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am going to disclose a story to you, not because it tells how awesome I am, but because it shows how God uses everyday life to teach my children (and me) lessons.

Yesterday I decided to fix my rearview mirror with super glue. As I was working, the girls kept coming to the door and distracting me and at some point I got some glue on my fingers which so happen to touch my eyelashes. Yes, I glued my eyelashes together! (feel free to laugh, I am)

Thankfully it was only about 1/4 inch section and I could still open my eye enough to see out of it. I grabbed the package and ran inside, immediately washed my eye with water, but they were still stuck. I read the warning:

I was pretty much in a panic, because I was not going to go to the ER because I glued my eye shut! I called my mom, who said after speaking to my cousin, a RN, to use Vaseline (which I was already) and that should help, otherwise I may have to very carefully trim my eyelashes. So I worked even more diligently because who wants to cut their eyelashes. My mom said she would come over and see if she could help as I was working with only one eye. After several minutes it came loose and I could see again. After calling my mom back and telling her not to come, I got the rest of the glue off (which included several eyelashes) and have no damage to my eye other than a little puffiness.

During all of this Gracie had come into the bathroom with some anointing oil and prayed for me (I honestly didn't realize it because I was too focused on getting my eye opened). She told me afterwards she prayed because she didn't want my to be like this - then she squinted and I told her thanks.

Alex got home from work and I started to tell him about it, to which he did what every good husband would do and laughed. Then he asked how I got it opened. Before I could answer, a very excited Gracie said, "I prayed for mommy and God heard me and made her eye open all the way!"

Now, I am not wanting to glue anything else shut to allow God to teach a lesson, but if thru it all my 3 year old learns that her prays are answered, then I will be an instrument for God.