Saturday, August 27, 2011

A laboring discussion....

Friday was much better. We were just having an off day, which I know will happen every once in awhile. ;0)

Now on to a lighter conversation with Lillie.

Last night we went to outpouring service at our church ( and on the way Alex and I were talking about Labor Day weekend. He said that Sony was taking volunteers to work that Monday and since we really don't have big plans that weekend, he might.

Lillie must have been listening, but not to all of it, because she got really excited and asks...."we are going to have another baby??!!"

Laughing I said, "No, why did you think that?"

Lillie, slightly disappointed, "Well, you said Labor and I thought that means a baby is coming. I also really want to be a big sister again."

I told her that there is no more babies planned in our house.

LOL - she is really in the baby zone though because she also got really excited about a baby shower today, until she realized it wasn't for the person she thought. :)

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