Thursday, September 1, 2011

Working Away

This week of school is going well. We switched out our old desks, for "new" ones. We were using the old wooden desks, the kind I had in middle school. The new ones (seen below) are from my parents church. The newer desks have a larger surface for books and the top lifts up for the girls to store their pencils, paper and other "treasures" they think are necessary for school.

Lillie is doing really good with her subjects and most days will hammer them out by 2pm, given a long lunch break. There are days we finish before lunch as well, but really depends on her attitude at the beginning of the day. We start out with our children's devotion and Bible lesson followed by prayer.

I am following a prayer model that a friend posted about on her blog (Lessons in the Little Stuff)-ACTS: A(adoration)C(confession)T(thanksgiving)S(supplication). My girls loves it and will remind me if we forget to pray. One day this summer we forgot to pray in the morning (due to being in a hurry) and on the way to an appointment we prayed and Lillie made sure to stress that I should NOT close my eyes when I pray since I was driving. lol

Gracie is still doing the letter of the week curriculum, but I am adding BOB books to them to help her with phonics. I really am not stressing over what she does or does not learn, just trying to make it fun for her. Which it must be because she constantly asking to do school. Most of what we would cover will be recovered during next year when she starts Kindergarten.

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls working away at their school work

....alright, they were just posing for pictures. =0)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the ACTS prayer model. I'm going to begin it with my boys! Lillie looks so much like you in that picture!