Monday, September 19, 2011

To plan or not to plan......

How many of you do meal planning? If so, do you do a weekly or monthly plan? And how detailed to you plan?

I have tried to do a meal plan before, but fail to maintain it. We get busy and one meal gets bumped, or I realized that I am out of something (or didn't buy it) that I thought I had then scrapped the meal. This all leads to getting frustrated and stopping. :(

I really think that if I planned my meals out, not only would it help my sanity (because I wouldn't be frantic about 5 pm wondering what in the world I am going to fix) but I firmly believe it would save me money. I do plan them vaguely based on the sales, but maybe a little more detailed will work better.

I follow a blog where she does a monthly meal schedule and then goes shopping accordingly. I am thinking that I need to start with one premade (preplanned) for me and then make changes according to my family's tastes. It may be nice to plan out every meal (well, at least lunch and dinner).

Okay, I am really do want your opinion on what I should do. So please, please, please share your secrets for not having a frantic whats-for-dinner dash around my kitchen.


  1. Sorry, I never make a meal plan. I wish I were more organized, but I really base it off what kind of day we are having. I always keep certain staples on hand, but throw in things that are on sale to mix it up. I need to get more creative. Let me know if you find something that works for you!

  2. I shop for two weeks at a time mostly. I plan the meals for those two weeks but I don't have set days to make them on. I keep a list on the fridge of all the meals that I have supplies for. Then in the morning, depending on the day I will decide what I am making and get the meat out to thaw. I always try to keep quick meals on hand for those rushed kind of days. And I try to stock things that I find myself using a lot so that I can other meals out of left over proteins. :) Good luck! It really does make life so much easier.