Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plan in Progress

I sat down last Friday and wrote out two weeks worth of meals (lunch and dinner). In the past, I have just planned the main course, but this time I listed out everything I needed for the WHOLE meal.

Then Saturday (the worst possible day to go)I went shopping for my groceries. I made goal of how much I wanted to spend and made myself stick to the list. I even put something back after I had it in my cart for two aisles. lol

I got to the check-out and waited for my total after-coupons and it was $32 under budget - yay!! I really didn't plan around the sales or used a ton of coupons. In fact, my savings percentage was only 19% (pretty pathetic, I know). This told me that I spend too much money on things I think I will need, but in reality don't. I am sure telling my hubby NOT to come with me helped greatly too!! hahaha

I am doing well this week with sticking to my lunch and dinner plans, I know it is only Wednesday......

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  1. You should post your menu. I'd like to see what other busy moms prepare for dinner. Maybe it will give me an idea. Here lately I have been having to make a ton of little runs to the store for forgotten items and I am already over budget on groceries, so this is frustrating.