Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Daze....

Well, after posting how smooth school was going, I have to share that today feels like a total flop. :(

I can't seem to get the girls to concentrate. Any little noise is a distraction and it is getting a little frustrating to say the least, so we are taking a short break to collect ourselves, eat lunch and then we will finish school. Ok, really just mom needs the break before I pull my hair out.....I hope I am not the only one with days like seriously, I need to know, do you have days like this too???


  1. I don't homeschool, but experience moments like that all the time when helping Aidan with his school work. Taking a break helps. Hope your day goes better!

  2. Absolutely not! Our days are filled with learning around every corner....ok, ok, I can't keep a straight face. LOL Yes, we have days like that. You are not alone. Those are the days that I have to be creative and do learning with a different approach.