Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Picture Day

Today was the much anticipated picture day. I am way off on the timeline as this is for their 2 and 4 year old pictures (bdays in May).

It started off on a sour note. After scouring the stores yesterday for the perfect outfits, we got up this morning to find that the bad mom I am didn't try on the shirts. Lillie's fit fine, but Gracie's was HUGE! So we sped thru getting ready and rushed back to Kohls to find another matching outfit. Our appt was at 10 am and we were ready by 8:45 - a record setting time at our house. I found another outfit that matched since they didn't another tunic a size smaller with the assistance of a sales person.

We made it to our appt at 9:45. Although the picture people did a good job, I was not really impressed with the price. I usually can go to Penney's for $75 or less and have more than enough pictures, but we tried somewhere new. Everyone said they do a good job and the prices beat out anyone else. We ended up spending almost $30 more although we did receive a complimentary CD of the whole session so we can print out more picts at home. I will post some of pictures later as I am on the laptop outside watching the girls play and the CD is inside.

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