Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dancing and more

I have been trying to catch Lillie doing her "dance routines" for a few days, but usually if she sees me - she runs. I was finally able to catch a couple of minutes of her getting down to a little Creedance Clearwater Revival. She almost always has a mean or angry face when dancing - I have no idea why - and definitely gets her skills from momma. Some parts may be a bit boring, but there is a hilarious finale. Enjoy! :]

Added bonus: Lillie comes running to tell on Gracie: Gracie is washing her hat and water is everywhere. I hurry, because playing in the sink is a new favorite, yet messy, thing to do. I expect water on the sink, floor and maybe a little on her, but this is what I discovered!

She was soaking wet from her head down and a good size puddle on the step stool she was using.

How could I get mad at such an adorable girl!?! And it is laundry day. :)

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  1. So cute...I loved it! And I loved that Gracie washed her own hair. Very good of her to shorten your to-do list like that! Anna did something similar recently--she really didn't want to take a bath so when I told her she needed one, she ran off and hid. I found her a bit later, covered in soap. She had decided that she could just clean herself and forgo the bath. But she was so upset because she had rubbed nearly a whole bottle of hand soap on herself and couldn't get it off! She did agree to the bath after that because she knew it was going to be the only way to get all the soap off! I love the little ones so much!