Monday, September 28, 2009


We are now finished with our addition except for the brick and guttering outside. The inside will need a few paint touch-ups, but is ready for the furniture. This may become the hardest decision as to where everything will go, but I am sure we will move it around over the next several weeks. =) Here are a couple of pictures of the inside finished without furniture.

This is the new rug we purchased for the room. We also have a smaller version at the entry way. Sorry it is so dark - I am not known for good photography skills! :)

This is the new fan we got this weekend. We bought the fan, blinds and flooring separately and saved over $500!!!

I will post outside pictures after the brick is finished.


  1. It looks great Sarah! It makes me want to clean my rooms out and start over. If only that were a real possibility. :-)