Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleeping babies

Lillie spent the afternoon playing with her friend Josiah at his house. She was so exhausted when she got home that she nodded off for a cat nap almost immediately. I just happened to look at the chair and catch her trying hard to stay awake, but losing the battle. So being the good mom I am, I snapped several pictures of her fighting it until she finally gave in.
Just starting the battle.

She just won't let go of the balloons that Josiah gave her.

She is almost out.

She is trying really hard to open her eyes......

But just couldn't do it. :)

Now if this wasn't sweet enough, Gracie had set up her and Lillie's Disney playmats and characters. During this she would talk (almost nonstop) to Lillie, when she realized that she never got answered she comes to me angry and tells on her. "Sissy, is not talking to me!" I told her she was sleeping, and she goes "I don't want her to sleep - I missed her!"

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