Saturday, August 29, 2009

Addition Update

The addition in coming along, but not as quickly as we would like. The room is completely boxed in and the workers are starting on the roofing. I would have thought that more would have been done by this time, but the contractors are only averaging 2 days a week at our house. :( I am pretty sure we aren't the only project, but I would really like to see more done! Oh well, it will be finished and I am pretty excited about having more room.

There will be windows, but they are not cut out yet.
I have also completed curtains for Gracie's room. Since the addition is coming off her room, we have to move her window thus I get to redo her room. We are going to do pink with brown circles. My friend Amber gave me some material that is brown with pink polk-a-dots that she was going to do curtains for her little girl, but changed her mind. It is enough material for me to do the curtains, and even a bed skirt for her crib/toddler bed. Although the room is not ready to be painted, I already made the curtains (I just couldn't wait) and plan on starting the bed skirt in the next week.

I enjoy adding little homemade touches to my girls room. I embroidered butterflies and flowers on Lillie's curtains.

As more happens, I will add more pictures.


  1. Cute! I really want to start sewing and am looking for a used sewing machine on craigslist. Do you have any recommendations? You're going to LOVE having more room! I dream about the day we have more living space, but don't want to move yet. We really, really like it here!

  2. I spent a couple of months researching until I purchased my sewing machine from Sears. It is a Kenmore and very easy to use. It cost me $70 (sale price - reg price $80) about 2 years ago. My mom has used a Kenmore sewing machine for 30 years with no problems.

  3. I love the curtains! So cute! Looks like the addition is going great! Btw, I have tried to load coupons on my Kroger card a few times and they never come off at the register. Don't know what the problem is. :-) For now, I am stuck printing.

  4. The curtains are adorable!! Both sets! I am so glad you could use the material, I hated to see it wasted!