Friday, August 21, 2009

Updates and deals

This is the second week I am trying the "daily schedule" I came up with. I thought that the girls will do better if I try to be a little more structured, but not to the point of being so caught up in the schedule that we don't have fun. This includes more table time where I am working on letters and numbers and other things that pre-k kids are learning. So far I feel like we are doing good. I am only doing little steps with the routine until hopefully by September we are in full swing. Lillie is loving the table time, but I can't say the same about chore time - lol. She will ask if it time to do table time and then go to the table and wait patiently for me to get there. I found a really good website that allows me to use and print activities for free if interested here is the address - . They have different grade levels to pick from if your child is older or younger.

I am also taking a more aggressive approach to potty training. Gracie is wearing panties in the morning and then pull-ups in the afternoon. This way she is learning to stay dry and monitoring her time she is in panties makes accidents less likely to happen. I am happy with the results thus far. She is doing pretty good, although yesterday was a hard day. One thing that is cute is when I forget to set the timer and then say it is time to try to pee. She will tell me it is not because she didn't hear the beep. I believe that it will be no time at all before she is completely potty trained as long as Alex and I can stick to our guns.

I want to share a couple good deals I have gotten recently.

I paid $12.39 for these 3 bottles of Victoria Secret Hydrating Body Lotion - each bottle costs $12. This would of cost me about $45, but I had received an email with a free $20 off a $20+ order plus there was a deal for buy 2 bottles and get a third one free (this may still be going so check their website for the code as I don't remember it). Before tax and shipping my total was $4.00!! I also got $30 worth of undies for free with two coupons - sorry no pictures. : ] I love freebies or close to free items. I should of printed another coupon for a free travel size lotion, but I forgot until I was already gone.


  1. I love great deals too! I'll have to check their website. We live about 5 miles from an outlet mall and I always stock up on Bath & Body works and clothes for the boys. I can usually find shirts at Children's Place, Carters, and Osh Kosh for a dollar or two! I also like being on a schedule. I've tried it a few times, but can't seem to stick with it. Hopefully things will be more structured here when Aidan starts preschool in September.