Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dirty Dancing

With the building of our addition, comes a huge pile of dirt. Lillie has been wanting to climb it and play on it for several days, but we hadn't got to do it. That all changed yesterday. After dinner I put the girls in old clothes (Alex changed too) and we went out to conquer the Dirt Hill. Lillie jumped right in and started climbing and sliding down, but Gracie required a little more help. After about 10 minutes of Daddy either carrying her or helping her up she started to climb and slide by herself. (Nancy - Aidon would of loved it!)

Lillie's first climb of the night.

Gracie was starting to climb, but was more concerned about getting her shoes dirty and she would stop to brush them off periodically. :)

Getting to the top together with the Cousin It hair.

Daddy helping the girls slide down. I am not sure who had more fun with the pile, Daddy or the Girls?

Right before coming in. The bath tubs were a mess after getting the girls both clean, but worth it with all the fun they had.

This is a really short video of Lillie starting to dance. I tried to get more, but the camera battery died. :( Although it is just once second, it is still funny. She is a very serious dancer. LOL


  1. Lol! You are WAY braver than me...I'd be the mom screaming at my kids to stay AWAY from the big pile of dirt. Too funny. Love the one-second video! LOL

  2. Yes! Aidan would be in paradise :) Looks like a lot of fun!