Friday, August 14, 2009


Lillie and I have kept busy this week going to our church's VBS. I have enjoy helping and watching Lillie. She has given her heart to Jesus 3 times thus far and probably will go up once again tonight. :) I asked her the first night if she gave her heart to Jesus and she said, "Yeah, but I think I had done that once before." It was cute. She had been a little disappointed because we had brought a couple of her friends with us (while their momma is re-cooperating from having a baby) and they had one little prizes and she had not won anything. Last night that changed as she got a chocolate bar and a little cowboy hat. I wish you could of seen her eyes when she turned to me after Pastor Jay handed her the chocolate bar. Tonight is the finale with the big giveaway of DSI or DIS (I can never remember which way the initials go). I am not too worried since Lillie doesn't really know what they are, she is not going to be disappointed if she doesn't win.

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