Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ice Cream Cones

I love watching little ones eat ice cream cones. The girls and I were having some one evening and Gracie decided to start at the bottom. She did switch to the top, but every once in a while she would again go for the bottom and sides. She was a mess by the end of the cone. I, of course, was the bozo who gave a bath before the ice cream. What was I thinking?

Our house is becoming a bit cramped amongst the toys and toys and more toys as I am sure most of you can relate to! We have took the plunge and hired a contractor to build on an additional room. This will act as a family room. The girls are pretty excited, but Lillie did say she did not want another room because that would mean more cleaning. I would say bless her heart, but she isn't concerned about me cleaning, but me making her help clean. :) I will try to post a few pictures along the way.

The only one not too excited is Tallie because she got kicked out of the big backyard, and moved to a smaller corner of the yard. She still has plenty of room to move and eventually will get her domain back.


  1. Good luck with the addition! That is very exciting for you all. Love the ice cream pictures!

  2. That's awesome! I definitely know what it's like to live in a cramped space. I can't wait for Paul to be promoted just so we can move into something bigger.