Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finished Projects

Well, I have completed one of my projects. I finished Gracie's room yesterday. I was a little worried that all the polk-a-dots would overwhelm the room, but I think that it turned out pretty good. The curtains and bedskirt I had made previously also look good in the room. I also ordered a new toy bin organizer. Gracie had two baskets overflowing with toys and when she wanted a certain toy ALL of the toys were dumped out to get to it. The new bins make it easier to organize and get to all her toys. It also helps it look neater in her room. Overall I am really pleased at the outcome. Here are a few pictures.

Alex promised Lillie that after I finished painting that we would get down the Christmas stuff. She could hardly wait and definitely showed a lot of patience. :) So after dinner we took everything down and put up the tree. By that time it was after bedtime so we decided to decorate it this morning. The first thing Lillie says when she walked into my room was: Let's decorate the Christmas tree. Then Gracie who was sleeping (at least I thought she was) whispers: met too. We got up, ate breakfast and started decorating. It was a lot of fun and tree is very decorated, well, at least the bottom half. :) Here are a couple fun pictures of the girls.

Previously I posted about Gracie sleeping w/Baby Jesus. This morning she put him back and looks at me and tells me: "I put him back and tonight I sleep with his mommy. Tomorrow I sleep with his daddy and then I sleep with the angel." =) Too cute!

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