Friday, November 20, 2009

Away in the manger

We took out our Christmas stuff this evening after dinner. We only set up the tree and plan on decorating it tomorrow. However I let the girls take the Little People Nativity Set out. They loved it. Gracie carried baby Jesus around so tenderly and loving all evening. I wish I could of taken a picture of it because of how sweet it was. When it was bedtime she ran over to the table and said, "I sleep with baby Jesus." How can you argue with a that? I said yes, but that she had to put him back in the morning.

Fast Forward - Gracie is playing, not sleeping with baby Jesus. Mommy says, "Gracie, if you don't go to sleep, I am going to take Jesus away from you."

What kind of mom takes Jesus away? =)

PS. She did go to sleep shortly there after.

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