Monday, November 16, 2009

70's Night

So, after my last post you could tell I was a little upset that my baby is growing up. And although that is still true, I am accepting it. :) It is a wonderful thing and I do love watching her changing into a little girl.

Lillie's favorite song right now is Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting. She wants my to play the 70's CD all the time. Her and Gracie will start out dancing in some kung fu manner and they will have me rolling by the end. I need to get a video of this. Alex broke out the strobe light last week and Lillie thinks that is sooo cool. She put on sparkly dress up clothes and danced the night away. Gracie liked it as well, but did not get in to it as much as Lillie. I took a video but it is hard to watch with the light going.

I have started working on Gracie's room. My goal was to have it finished by the end of the weekend, but that didn't happen. My stencil I made just didn't cut it, so I ended up tracing circles on the wall and then painting by hand. I still have two more walls. Hopeful that they will get done on Alex's next days off. I think that it looks pretty neat. I will post a picture of the finished room hopefully next week. The girls kept coming in and telling me that the polk-a-dots look good Momma. They are too sweet.

Have a good Monday.

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