Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am pretty tired this morning. Gracie for some reason didn't sleep well over the weekend, meaning I didn't either. She did sleep good last night.

Then last night Lillie decided that she didn't want to wear a goodnight. She will stay dry all night on occasion, but is a fairly heavy sleeper and just doesn't wake up if she needs to go, so I am all about the goodnights. However I know that she thinks she is wearing a diaper and only babies wear diapers. I decided that if she thought she was ready then we will give it a try and didn't let her drink anything after supper. Then made sure she went potty several times up to bedtime.

Around 4am I heard little footsteps and then heard, "Mommy, I'm wet." I had already laid out extra sheets, blankets and pajamas just in case so it didn't take long for the switch-a-roo plus we had a mattress pad on the bed to protect the mattress. I just couldn't get back to sleep.

I am just wondering what suggestions my online friends have for getting past this or convincing her that goodnights are not diapers.

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  1. Even though I struggled to get Aidan potty trained I was very lucky that he has only wet the bed twice ever. Aidan went through the same thing with not wanting to wear a "diaper." I usually just forced him to wear it and if that didn't work I risked the bedwetting thing. I would continue to cut off liquids 2 hours before bedtime (we still do that with Aidan) and keep those sheets handy! I'll try to think of some suggestions for convincing her to wear good-nites. Hang in there!