Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday School

I am sitting here folding clothes and this is the story I hear Lillie retelling for Gracie during their pretend school.

"One day Joseph ran to his Dad and said my brothers don't like my new coat - we should throw them into the lions den. So he went back to his brothers and they said Joseph come here and see what we have for you. When Joseph got there they threw him in the lions den and Joseph said that wasn't nice because they lied to me. Then he prayed. Gracie, can you say pray? P P P Pray? If you can say it by yourself then I will give you a skittle!! How about manna? Can you say manna? Let me get my good skittles (She has no skittles so I don't know what she is getting). How about Miriam? Okay, so his brothers come back say we're sorry - WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE YOU IN THE LIONS DEN. Joseph jumped out and then threw them in the lions den. Is that very nice? Gracie - No. "

I could go on and on as she included a couple more different stories,but it is probably not as interesting to you as it is to me. :) It is funny how several different Bible stories come together into one big story. I also have figured out that Miss Thanasoula must give out skittles to those who participate in the story. I am very blessed!!! Thank you Jesus.

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