Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Works

We haven't had much family time for awhile so we made Wednesday a family day. We got up and had muffins, and then got ourselves ready and went to pumpkin works. The girls had so much fun. We took pictures in the wooden silhouettes and then started the mazes. Lillie wanted to do the dark maze first, but I did have my reservations about it. Thankfully there was no one else in it so we let her turn on her flashlight. The corn maze was our favorite, but just a word of advice: Don't let a four and two yr old choose your path! Actually it was really fun letting them decide and since we were in no hurry it wasn't a big deal if it took a little longer. I could tell that Lillie was getting tired of it when she turned on her serious face and lead us straight out without any hesitation. We went thru a couple more mazes and then headed home with our pumpkins.
Princess Lillie and Gracie holding on to the rear wheel.
Princess Gracie on her way to the ball
In the corn maze - the girls were so cute to watch trying to find their way out.
Ready to take their pumpkins home and paint the little ones. We will carve the big one.
We decided to go to Dobbs park (we knew that Deming would be packed on a beautiful day like yesterday). We played at the playground and went thru the nature center. Afterwards we headed to Walmart and got a few items including Gracie's Halloween costume :) and then went home. Overall it was a nice, relaxing day, but we were pretty tired and decided to stay home last night. Lillie was so upset, she loves church so much and cried when she figured out that we were not going to make it. I think that she would of cried either way because she was exhausted and barely keeping her eyes opened as it was. Both girls were in bed by eight!
This is just a random picture of Lillie from earlier this month. She was dressing up and posing for pictures. It was really funny.

Have a good day.

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