Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Girls

I have been pretty good about updating you on the addition, but haven't said much about the girls so here it goes.

Gracie is pretty much potty trained. She wears panties all day and we have even gone to the store and out to eat a few time with them instead of pull-ups. She also takes herself to the bathroom which is nice because I don't have to stop several times a day to take her now. With the work on the house done her nap schedule is coming back to normal. Bedtime is getting much easier. She is sleeping all night which is a blessing in itself. It was not that she didn't sleep good before, but she would wake up a couple of times a night and I would have to go in there and comfort her. Her and Lillie are playing pretty good together and is very cute to watch. She loves her big sister and tries hard to do everything Lillie is doing.

Lillie is really into pretend play. She loves playing school and church. They usually are intertwined in the same game. Last night she was pretending to have church. She did praise and worship, preached, and had an alter call. It was too cute. I wish I would of had my camera to tape it. She told Alex he had to come up and catch people when she was praying for them. :) She loves table time and can't hardly wait to do it. She is learning so much and I am trying to keep it fun so she will continue to enjoy it and want to do it. I heard her tell someone the other day that she had school at home and that she really likes it.

Well I have probably given you more than enough to read for today. Have a good weekend.

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