Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend tea parties and crafts

Alex and I finally our date night last night. We went out to eat and then did some shopping. Most of the shopping was for the girls, but that is just about more fun than shopping for myself. We found some great deals. (Crystal - we saved $40 and some change just in coupons!) The girls had a great time with Gma and Gpa - who brought them Pinocchio and bought them McDonald's. Lillie planned and set up a tea party for when they got here. Her and Gracie had on some really fancy dresses and Lillie helped make blueberry muffins and place settings for Gma, Gpa and Uncle Ryan. She even wanted me to do her hair. The girls were adorable getting all of it ready.

I should have enough quilting stuff to keep me busy for the next several weeks (or months depending on how much free time I end up with). I am excited though. I had ordered some quilt blocks from eBay a few months back and have them sewn together, but hadn't had a chance to get backing, trim or batting. I should know have all the material I need (although I not completely sure that I have enough backing) to finish that. Plus I bought material to make a baby quilt for a good friend. I also have a pattern and material for a dress that I am going to make for Lillie. Hopefully, the dress will turn out-I have never made a dress before!

Well, I am getting antsy writing about my quilting stuff and am going to get started. Have a great weekend.

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