Friday, March 13, 2009

Day of rest

Today is going to be my day of relaxation. I spent Monday and Tuesday engulfed by laundry and the Wednesday and Thursday preparing my house for a child-free girl's game night. I had a great time fellowshipping with some other moms. We had good munchies and played a couple of fun games. I have to admit it was very nice to not be interrupted several times by a little one who needs can't find that one special toy. Also, with no children (or men) the cleanup was a breeze thus the only room that needs to be straightened up today is my room.

I took some really cute pictures of Gracie yesterday, but because I am not into posting half dressed little ones on line you will have to take my word for it! I walked over to the bathroom because Gracie had to take herself potty (doesn't always want Momma's help) and she was sitting on the potty chair reading a book out loud. It was really adorable.

Have a great weekend! I plan on it since we have rescheduled our date night for tomorrow. Yay!

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