Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leaf Jumping

We took the girls out for a little bit this week and have had a great time. Alex raked some leaves from under our bushes and Lillie thought it would make a good pile to jump in. Now, as some you know, I have had my share this week of piles : ) so I let the girls have their fun too. There were just a small pile of leaves, but Lillie would rake it up and jump again and again. Gracie joined in the fun, but she would rather just run thru them. I took a couple videos of them jumping, but am not having much luck in loading them. We are trying to enjoy as much of this nice weather as we can. I am looking forward to a little closer to their birthdays buying the girls a swing set.

This is a picture of Tallie peeking under the fence at us jumping in leaves. We would have loved to go out back and play with her, but as soon as Alex opened the door, he was swarmed by a couple of wasps. After last falls experience with wasps (Lillie was attacked by a nest) we thought we better wait until Alex could spray the nest. Don't worry about her though, we had to buy her a birthday present for this weekend. Tallie officially turns one on Saturday and she is in need of a couple of new toys, since she has chewed her others to pieces.

Alex and I have filled out our brackets for March Madness and I am looking forward to beating him again! I am not bragging (pride cometh before a fall), but since we started making the brackets out for competition, I have beat him 3 out of 3 times. But it has always been close.

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