Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have you squeezed your Toilet Paper Lately?

Gracie decided to give us a demonstration on just how soft our toilet paper really is. I turned around from getting the table cleared to see her laying all over a pack of toilet paper. It must be fairly comfy since she stayed there for 15 minutes!
This is the puzzle Lillie talked Daddy into buying several months back. She finally talked us into helping her work it. Although the whole time she would go "I don't know why Daddy let me buy such a hard puzzle."

Now on to my nephew's wrestling match or should I say the crowd there. The problem with today's youth - loud mouthed parents. I have no problem cheering on the children, but belittling the official and his calls is not appropriate. These parents called the official names and rudely questioned every call and match and had very poor sportsman-like behavior. This was a middle school wrestling match! It is no wonder that today's teens have no respect for authority - their parent's aren't teaching them. It actually saddened my heart to think that their children aren't hearing "good move" or "great match" while they play (Yes, I did say play!)- all the child hears is "you suck ref" - "what kind of call is that" - and so on including profane names. Aren't we to be living examples to our children? There is more to life than winning a 3 minute middle school wrestling match.
My nephew did win his individual match! Yay, Matthew!

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  1. First of all, Gracie is adorable! Second of all, I know just what you mean about the parents. Believe it or not, we have seen that at a few of Hailey's basketball games this year, and she is only eight. It's horrible.