Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another new bed

As I have posted before, we changed Lillie into a full size bed a few weeks ago and she is doing great. This weekend Gracie was moved into a toddler bed. I realize that while yes she is a toddler, she is still my baby and this too a big step. I hadn't planned on changing her crib into a toddler bed yet (I still rock her to sleep and was going to wait until I she was going to sleep by herself), but she was climbing in and trying to climb out of bed. I must have gone in her room a few dozen times this week to find her in her bed. I moved any chairs and step stools away from her bed, but she would get herself up on the rail and then fling her body the rest of the way in. It was cute to watch, but a bit scary if she would of flung the wrong way. She loves her new bed and that she can get in and out of it by herself.


  1. This is one thing I am not looking forward to with Ellie. It just seems like that is the last "baby" thing to give up! Keep us posted on she does during the night.

  2. How in the world do they grow up so quickly! I had a hard time letting Ridge get big!!!! It's hard when you have no more babies but great at the same time.

    Sounds like you made the transition with ease and grace.

    Your girls are beautiful!

  3. We kept Aidan in his crib until he was 3! I read it was okay to keep them in until they jump out. He never tried, but needed the crib for Isaac. We just bought Aidan bunk beds a couple of weeks ago as he'd grown out of his toddler bed. He LOVES it and I do too! He's not allowed to sleep on the top bunk though. He still thinks it's great!