Saturday, February 28, 2009

It strikes again!

Just when I thought that the sickness was leaving, Gracie got up Friday at 1:30am vomiting. She only was sick a couple of times and after going back to sleep a few hours later she woke up back to normal. However, I got up feeling awful. I spent the whole day sick and by the afternoon Alex was starting to feel sick too. I blessed to have great parents and a little brother who took the girls last night. Thank you!!!! We both got up this morning feeling much better although we are putting off our date night for now. I am really looking forward to spring with warm weather and hopefully the end of flu season!


  1. Oh yuck. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. Hope you are all on the mend soon! Being sick is no fun :(

  3. Aaah! So frustrating! I'm sorry for all of you and hope you all feel much better today. Its a wonderful way to spend your time off together, isn't it? : /

  4. We hope you're feeling better!!

    I can't believe we didn't know you guys blogged! Yay for new blog friends:)