Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sick Saturdays

It is just 11 am, but I have been to the doctors and the pharmacy already. Gracie got up yesterday morning with a lot of chest congestion and she was just plain cranky! I ran a vaporizer all day, and by night she was the same. She slept horrible, which is understandable since she was having a hard time breathing, so I too was up most of the night. She also started running a fever. To make shorten my story, she has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection and is on an antibiotic. Thankfully she seems to like the taste of it!

I did however, find the missing Grover book from our collection of Sesame Street books and both girls got an activity book with stickers. One of my many downfalls of taking the girls with me to get a prescription filled is that 15-20 minute wait. There is always something I find that I need, although I didn't need it the day before. :)

Hope all is healthy in your families!


  1. Aw...sorry to hear that! I was up all night with Ellie last night...she has three new teeth, so nothing serious! Let me know if you need me to find someone to cover for you tomorrow night. I can always switch you for a Wed night. Let me know! Hope she feels better fast!!!

  2. I know how ya feel...mine have all been sick too. No fun. :-(