Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gracie is almost all better. She is still coughing a little and a little congested, but no fever since Saturday. However, the poor thing a horrible diaper rash from the antibiotic. Yesterday she would cry every time she peed. Lillie is sounding a little congested, but I am claiming she is not getting what Gracie had. She has her Valentine party tomorrow morning and would be so disappointed if she didn't get to go.

Lillie and I went outside yesterday while Gracie was napping (to sound fair - Alex took Gracie out while Lillie and I were at preschool). I had so much fun. We played hopscotch, took rides in the wagon, rode her bike, and played restaurant. She would come to the front of the garage and I would seat her, give her a menu, take her order, bring her food and then collect payment. She would switch me roles and the benefit of her being the waitress - she would forget to collect payment. :) I really need to start taking more pictures!

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  1. Aw, I hope by now both little girls are better! Isn't it great getting outside to play? We enjoyed some time at the park this week and played in the yard! So much fun...I'm ready for spring now! Hope to see you guys Sunday!