Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Lillie Day

Today was about Lillie. She recently has asked for a bigger bed. I had just kind of shrugged it off, knowing that this summer we had already planned to get one. However, I had her lay in bed and realized that she is just a couple of inches of being able to touch both ends. We had bought a convertible crib (crib-toddler-full) so we only needed to buy a bed frame for a full size mattress set. We found a set (mattress and box springs) at a price we weren't able to pass up along with a bed frame. Lillie was so cute looking at the two sets we were choosing from and she selected the one we were going to pick anyways (thankfully). Alex had planned on picking it up tomorrow, but with a little persuading from Lillie we decided to go ahead a get it today. It is set up despite Lillies helping :) and her room doesn't seem to have lost as much space as I had anticipated. She is really looking forward to sleeping in it. We also ordered pizza and bread sticks, which is her favorite food! So, today was a Lillie Day.

I didn't realize how emotional of an event that purchasing a bed would be. Here is my baby, in a regular bed. I didn't actually cry, but I could of at times today. She just seems to grow up way too fast. I don't know what I will do when Gracie comes to that point in a few years. :(

On a happy note, I am looking forward to having a date night this Saturday.

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