Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shopping w/Lillie

Yesterday we took a trip to the mall in hopes of finding some good deals on dresses for Lillie. She gets upset on Sundays when we get ready and she doesn't have any dresses to wear to church, especially when Gracie and I are in dresses. I will change into pants to help her feel better, but she is still upset. My friend Amber had told me about a few sales and I thought we would check them out. There were several cute dresses, but my daughter had an excuse why they were not acceptable - that dress looks itchy, it doesn't have any princesses on it - the list goes on and on. We still bought a couple of dresses that were not up to her standards and one dress that was. Unfortunately the dress she liked with princesses on it was, in my opinion, kind of ugly. Oh well, we are just getting to that age where she wants to express her own style. She was happy with the flip flops we purchased though! I am happy because I got a couple of pairs of jeans - although I would be happier if they were a size smaller . That darn AD-36 :) .


  1. Sounds like fun! Now that we've had a good snow, I'm ready for spring and can't wait to shopping for spring clothes for the girls. Sundresses and skirts are so cute!

  2. Well, I'm glad you found something even if it wasn't exactly what Lillie had in mind! : ) I'll never forget this...I took Hailey shopping when she was probably 4 or 5 and she found this really ugly, fuzzy blue shirt and she wanted it so badly. I hated it though, it was so awful, I actually pretended like they didn't have her size. I still feel bad about it today, because she was soo disappointed! Little girls are so funny though!