Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thoughts from a 3 year old

I thought I would share a conversation I had with Lillie this past Wednesday evening.

As our neighbor is leaving his house :

Lillie - "There's that man leaving. He is going to church, isn't he mom?"

Mom - "I don't know, I hope so."

Lillie - "He is, he loves Jesus. "

Mom - "I hope hope he loves Jesus. "

Lillie very seriously - "Yeah, he's going to church or to his own funeral or something."

Mom trying hard not to laugh - "Yes, he is going somewhere."

I don't know how a three year old thinks, but somehow she came up with the idea that he was either going to church or his funeral. I did have to leave the room for a second to laugh. I believe there should be a tape recorder running at all times to get what she say. Bless her heart.

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