Friday, February 20, 2009

On the mend

I believe after two weeks of ear infections and coughs we are finally done with the exception of an occasional cough. Yea!!!!
This week hasn't had too much excitement unless you count scrubbing the kitchen floor! My mop broke a few weeks ago and I have been swiffer mopping it, but it really needed a scrub so I broke out the bucket and scrub brush. The sad part is that I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and forgot to buy a new mop again. Lillie thought it looked like so much fun that she wanted to help. She talked nonstop the whole time - I don't know who she gets that from ; )!
Here she is scrubbing away!
She is actually enjoying it. She has blue lips and teeth from the fun dip she was eating right before we got started.


  1. Three years old and you're already putting her to work! Way to go!

  2. I love their enthusiasm at this age! She looks like she's having fun!