Thursday, December 17, 2009

Special Day

I posted before about Lillie and her friend Josiah, but this story is too cute to skip.

Last night at church Josiah's mom Amie was talking to me and said that Josiah is trying really hard to get Lillie to come back to preschool. I know he has been asking her why she doesn't go and she tells him that she is homeschooled now. When he was at our house on Monday, he asked if preschool was boring and that was why she didn't come back. Josiah tries to convince her to come to preschool by telling her about the new kids she can be friends with.


Amie said Josiah asked if Lillie could fit in their van and she said yes (she has ridden with them multiple times). Josiah proceeded to say that he wanted to take her to school with him on his special day (as his show-and-tell) so she could have a special day too. :)

How sweet is that? That boy is smitten with my Lillie (and who wouldn't, she is a cutee)! Of course, Lillie doesn't mind as she tells me that she will marry Josiah one day. The irony of this, if it really happened, would be that Josiah's Grandpa introduced Alex's parents! What a story that would turn into decades later.

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