Monday, December 21, 2009

Cow Pee

I had this weird conversation with my four year old yesterday on my way to church.

Lillie - Mom, why do we drink cow pee?
Mom - We don't drink cow pee, that would be gross.
Lillie - Yes we do for breakfast, milk.
Mom - That is not pee, that is just milk. Do you remember how Gracie drank milk from me? A cow makes milk too. Well, a cow has udders and when you squeeze them, milk comes out. Then it runs thru a special machine so we can drink it.
Lillie - Oh yeah, I knew that, I just forgot.
Lillie - So, where does a cow pee at?
Mom(wondering where this line of questioning is coming from) - Their bottom.
Lillie - But where?
Mom - their bottom, under the tail.
Lillie - Tallie (our dog) squats down and pees. Is that how a cow pees?
Mom(at church now, and wanting to be finished with this gross questioning before going in) - We will look up all your questions tomorrow at table time.


Now now you know what Lillie and I are doing today, what are your plans? :)

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  1. I just love how inquisitive they are at that age! Funny!